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Salvador Dali: His Image and Imagination

This exhibition includes photographs of the infamous surrealist artist Salvador Dali taken by his friend of over 35 years, the photographer Philippe Halsman, and prints from Dali’s portfolio “Imagination and Objects of the Future”, 1975-76, which includes many of his quintessential surrealist motifs, such as the melting clock. The portfolio reflects Dali’s visions of the future, e.g. Liquid and Gaseous Television, and the influence of Leonardo da Vinci. “I could not compare myself to da Vinci”, he said, “But I am without doubt the da Vinci of modern times.”

Halsman’s accompanying images (taken from 1950-64) show Dali in his famously eccentric poses and guises. These photographs often resulted from their experiments together in the photo studio. “Dali wants to startle and to shock with every one of his actions. His surrealistic creativity finds only a partial outlet in his art. Dali himself is the most surrealistic of his creations. He is a great painter and the last and only great mustache of our time,” said Halsman.

22 works ca. 90 running feet, single hung
pedestals with vitrines required for 2 portfolio boxes