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Recent Acquisitions

The CU Art Museum’s permanent collection is built entirely through the generous philanthropic support of our donors, who donate acquisition funds and in-kind gifts of art to the collection. We express our deep gratitude to all of our donors.

Selected highlights of our many recent acquisitions include two works from the recent acquisition of a significant collection of 238 objects representing Neolithic China and Burma as well as the Shang Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Northern Wei Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties, Liao Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, and Song Dynasty. The donation of this major body of works strengthens the CU Art Museum’s burgeoning Asian collection and significantly contributes to the breadth of the museum’s ceramic collection, which includes examples from numerous Neolithic cultures as well as modern and contemporary works, many of which pay homage to earlier ceramic traditions. Gifted by Warren and Shirley King, this unique collection of jade, bronze, stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, and blackware will be readily available to art historians, scholars of Chinese and Burmese culture, ceramic specialists, and archaeologists. These objects will be actively and creatively used in CU Art Museum exhibitions and as part of ongoing educational programs and research endeavors to benefit both the general public and students. The collection will facilitate learning about China and Burma and the rich art and cultural history of these regions.

Additionally gifted in 2012 was a collection of 44 Japanese and Chinese scholar’s rocks from Joan and George Dillon. This collection has also helped to broaden the CU Art Museum’s collection of Asian art.

Lastly and most recently, James Surls’ sculpture in the lobby of the CU Art Museum and featured in the exhibition Giving and Receiving: A Collaborative Exhibition of Contemporary Artists from China and the United States has been acquisitioned into the CU Art Museum’s Permanent Collection. This work has hung in the lobby of the CU Art Museum since its creation in 2011 and has been enjoyed by countless visitors who enter the museum.

[+]Unidentified artist, Chinese
Figurine (dog)
n.d.; Han Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 CE)
earthenware with green and iridescent glaze
12 1/2 x 13 x 4 1/2 inches

Gift of Warren and Shirley King, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder
Photo: Jeff Wells
(c) CU Art Museum

[+]Unidentified artist, Chinese
n.d.; Neolithic Period (c. 10,000 – c. 2,100 BCE)
7 1/2 x 6 3/4 dia inches

Gift of Warren and Shirley King, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder
Photo: Jeff Wells
(c) CU Art Museum

[+]Unidentified artist, Chinese
Untitled (Upright light grey Lingbi stone; old hardwood stand, poodle shape)
Lingbi stone with hardwood carved stand
8 x 5 x 3 inches

Gift of Joan and George Dillon, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder
(c) CU Art Museum

[+]James Surls, American (b.1943)
Me, Knot, and Two Flowers
pine, bass, and welded steel
15 feet 4 x 72 x 74 inches

Gift of Dr. And Mrs. Edmund Pillsbury, Jr.
Photo: Jeff Wells
(c) James Surls