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CUAM Advisory Board & Collection Committee

CUAM Advisory Board Members, 2012-13

Walter Dietrich, Chair
Brenda Niemand, Vice Chair

Micah Abram
Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz
Mark Addison
Kirk Ambrose
David Boonin
Kathie Broyles
Jennifer Constable
Harvey Hine
Catherine Labio
Stephen Martonis
Nancy Maron
Jan McCullagh
N. Richard Miller
Helmut Muller-Sievers
Jane Oniki
David Raddock
Laurel Rasplica Rodd
Karen Ringsby
Alden Sherman
David Shneer
Michael Theodore

CUAM Collection Committee, 2012-13

Dr. Marilyn Brown, chair

Mark Addison
Dr. Janice Brown
James Cordova
Alvin Gregorio
Nancy Maron
Stephen Martonis
N. Richard Miller
Karen Ringsby

[+]Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith, American (b. 1940)
Paper Dolls for a Post-Columbian World with Ensembles Contributed by the U.S. Government [Ken Plenty Horses]
pastel and watercolor on paper
17 1/4 x 11 inches

Gift of the Artist, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado at Boulder
(c) Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith

[+]Daniel Rozin, born in Israel (b. 1961), currently resides in New York
Rust Mirror
768 oxidized steel tiles, motors, control electronics, video camera, edition 1 / 6, 1AP

Courtesy of bitforms gallery, New York
Photo: Scott Nikiel
(c) Daniel Rozin